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Mockup Builder: Direct 3D Modeling On and Above the Surface in a Continuous Interaction Space


Our work introduces a semi-immersive environment for conceptual design where virtual mockups are obtained from gestures we aim to get closer to the way people conceive, create and manipulate three- dimensional shapes. We present on-and-above-the-surface interaction techniques following Guiard’s asymmetric bimanual model to take advantage of the continuous interaction space for creating and editing 3D models in a stereoscopic environment. To allow for more expressive interactions, our approach continuously combines hand and finger tracking in the space above the table with multi-touch on its surface. This combination brings forth an alternative design environment where users can seamlessly switch between interacting on the surface or in the space above it depending on the task. Our approach integrates continuous space usage with bimanual interaction to provide an expressive set of 3D modeling operations. Preliminary trials with our experimental setup show this as a very promising avenue for further work.