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Another snapshot of the Open Exhibits Community

Here’s a quick overview of the Open Exhibits community (by affiliation and nationality) as of June 1st, 2011. The Formal Education category includes universities, k12 schools and research groups/labs. Informal Education includes museum and other visitor centers. Industry includes all other professional affiliations. Charts were created on

Additional breakdowns by more general categories are as follows:

  • Formal Education (Ed, Univ, Rsch Labs): 620
  • Informal Education (museums, aquariums, zoos, etc.): 271
    •   Sub: Informal Science Ed: 97
  • Industry: (all other occupations/affiliations): 237
    •   Sub: STEM Industry/Sci and Tech Careers: 96

TOTAL: 1128 Members

  • Of the formal ed participants: 25% (or 152 out of 620) are from the US
  • Of the museum participants: 84% (or 227 out of 271) are from the US
    •    65% (or 63 out of 97) of the Informal Science Ed institutions are from the US
  • Of the commercial participants:  39% (or 93 out of 237) are from the US

by View all posts by Jennifer Borland on June 7, 2011