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Dortmont; collectionviewer with Mapviewer + Serious game Nature & Humans

I’am working on a collection viewer for a touchscreen in our natural history museum/ visitors centre. With this touchscreen we serve tourists, schoolkids and businesstrips with:

  1. Explanation about collectionitems in the visitors centre (with Imageviewer)
  2. Touristinfo like hikingtrails, annimal-spot-places, campsites (with Mapviewer)
  3. Multiuser serious game Nature & Humans (with Webviewer ??)

The Collectioninfo has been made in the Imageviewer and I could easily change the pictures and description of the collectionitems.

The Touristinfo is proposed to show some maps with hikingtrails, campsites etc. The maps show te route, some photos of the hike and some explanation. Maybe someone can give advice how to put Google My Maps (with my different hikingroutes) in the Mapviewer of the template Collectionviewer-1.2 ? 
Or how to build a browser-module in the collectionviewer-template, which can open my kml-files of my hikingroutes which I build in Google Maps/Earth (see here).

The serious game Nature & Humans, is for multiuser groups of tourists/schoolkids/businesspeople. In this ‘social and digital touchevent’, they can learn which animal lives where, who eats whom, and how people can help nature, etc.
I build a simple start level for 5 animals and 1 human. After this, more levels and more 3D-graphics can come. On top I want to build scores when the beaver reaches a willow forrest, the badger reaches the hill, roe deer reaches beach forest, fox eats a bird and human builds an eco-duct over a highway. I hope scores for each player are possible with Flash CS5 IsoView, but maybe someone can give advice on this ?
But my main question is here how to build a browser-module in the collectionviewer-template, which can open my game-file (Flash.exe, flash.swf or something)?

by View all posts by ad van dortmont on February 18, 2011