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Links We Liked: Clear Multitouch Screens and More

We were impressed by this video of roomwide touch that lets you share objects between surfaces; we aren’t sure that these amazing clear, stretchable touchscreens will be here by 2014, but we hope so; we’re looking forward to Firefox 4′s implementation of multitouch; we chuckled at the museum that made paintings touchable; we doubted that Windows Phone 7 will ever catch up with Android at this rate; we wanted a lamp that makes any surface into a 3D multitouch display; we were wowed by this homemade spacecraft; we called the Ontario Science Center to report a unicorn sighting; and we felt like we were in Blade Runner c. 2010 at the new Adobe Museum of Digital Media, which just opened today.

by View all posts by Erin Rose on October 6, 2010