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Multitouch Gesture Library & Illustrations

When the Open Exhibits core software is released, it will come with an extensive gesture library and gesture illustrations available for reuse under Creative Commons. Currently, GestureWorks, the framework on which Open Exhibits is built, supports 20 unique gestures. The Open Exhibits core (and GestureWorks 2.0) will support over 200.

These gestures will enable new types of multitouch design and interaction that go beyond the basics of pinch zoom and drag and even the 3D tilt interactions that are currently available with GestureWorks. Different stroke types, including shapes, numbers, letters and tables, will be recognized, allowing users to write or draw and have an application respond. Rhythmic gestures (multiple interactions at specific intervals) and pressure-dependent gestures like rock will also be included.

You can find our current open source gesture library and illustrations on the GestureWorks site. We will be announcing a firm release date for Open Exhibits core and GestureWorks 2.0 in the next week.

by View all posts by Erin Rose on October 12, 2010