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New ways to connect visitors with content

Augmented Reality’s been around for a while but it seems to be gaining a lot of steam in recent months now that an abundance portable technology devices (i.e., smartphones, tablets, etc.) have better cameras and connectivity. 

These are a few videos and articles I’ve stumbled upon recently that show some of the possibilty for AR in musuem settings – as an object id tool, as a content and experience enhancement mechanism, and even as a way-finding resource. I could easily imagine scenarios where visitors might want to “pull” content (virtually of course) off a large/shared mutli-touch device in an exhibit setting so that they could continue to interact or engage with content on their own handheld device. 

What Is That? Let Your Smartphone Have a Look by Steven Leckart, The New York Times: August: 31, 2011

Scan the World a software demo for Junaio 3.0

by View all posts by Jennifer Borland on September 2, 2011