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Open Exhibits Participant Survey

With Open Exhibits now in its second year, we are gathering more feedback from participants about their experiences thus far. To that end, we have created a short survey online at:

We want to hear from a wide range of participants – including people who’ve been actively participating over the course of the past year, as well as those who may not have been as active for various reasons. In otherwords, if you are signed up as a memeber on the Open Exhibits website – we want to hear from you! …about what you’ve done, …what you’ve liked, …and about anything that might be holding you back from participating more fully. We also want your input on some new features that will be coming to the Open Exhibits website soon. 

Everyone who completes the survey by the end of February 2012 will be entered in a drawing to win one of 5 $50 gift certificates (gift cards will be delivered via email if you are selected if your name/survey is selected - please check for specific gift card and shipping policies if you do not currently live in the United States). 

If you have any questions or specific comments – please feel free to send me a note. Thanks in advance for your help!


by View all posts by Jennifer Borland on February 13, 2012