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Human Computer Interaction in Informal Science Education Conference (HCI+ISE)

Exciting news! We just received funding from the National Science Foundation to host a conference on human computer interaction in informal science education. HCI+ISE will be held June 11-14th 2013 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kathleen McLean from Independent Exhibitions and I are the co-Chairs.

Below is the abstract, the award is posted on the NSF website.

This conference brings together 60 people in May/June 2013 to discuss opportunities and limitations in the use of the latest in Human Computer Interactions (HCI) in museum settings, such as experiences using Kinect, Wii, multi-touch computer-based systems and voice recognition interfaces. Given that HCI is increasingly being used in museum settings, the conference will examine some of the exemplar exhibits that now exist and explore some design challenges regarding the use of HCI in museum settings. 

Participants at the conference include an interdisciplinary set of experts (science exhibition development experts, learning science researchers, ISE evaluators and multi-media experts) that will take a critical look at the future needs and appropriate application of HCI in museum environments. The conference will explore both the advantages and limitations of HCI use in museum environments, and will concern itself with both the nature of the hardware and the learning that can occur.

A final report will be disseminated via a multi-user blog that will encourage participation/discussion and the conference leaders will encourage the development of a Community of Practice regarding the use of HCI in museum settings that builds from the existing Open Exhibits web site and Open Exhibits membership.

We will be posting more on this conference here on the Open Exhibits blog, including information on how you can apply to attend. You can now apply here: /research/hci-ise/apply/

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  • Avatar of Shelley Mannion
    Shelley Mannion
    5 years ago

    Great news. This is really interesting. Science Museums and Science Centers are light years ahead of art and archaeology museums like my own in terms of their thinking about interactive exhibits. We have alot to learn from them in terms of what works well and how to built robust exhibits that can withstand high volume use by some of the most demanding visitors – kids! Looking forward to seeing the outcomes of this event and hope they will be available online.