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Open Exhibits – The Road Ahead

Over the next few weeks you will start to see more changes on the Open Exhibits website.  There are a few new developments with the project. Charles Veasey is now the Project Coordinator for Open Exhibits and he is busy rebuilding our development team which has two new ActionScript developers! We expect to have some new modules early next month and then new templates and exhibits by early Fall. We will let you know how things progress on that front.

Also, Marshall Macy has joined us and he will play an active role helping with tutorials, forums, and other technical documentation and communications for Open Exhibits. In addition, our Open Exhibits fellow, Shelley Mannion from the British Museum will be joining the team here in New Mexico for the month of August.  Shelley will be helping us develop new examples and tutorials. Much more to come.

by View all posts by Jim Spadaccini on July 20, 2012