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Open Exhibits 2.5.2

Open Exhibits 2.5.2 is now available in the downloads section. This is a patch update to fix outstanding bugs and to deliver feature requests, specifically in the ScrollPane and Album elements. We also included several new GML examples to help you get starting using the Gesture Markup Language. Updates include:

* FIXED: Taps not working in the Simulator

* FIXED: ClusterBubbling error when touchsprite contains non-touchsprite child

* FIXED: CML include tag incorrectly ordering the display list

* ADDED: AlbumViewer linking to link back and front Album objects providing individual info panels for each item

* ADDED: Album loop mode to allow continuous scrolling of items

* ADDED: Album dimension settings to display more then one item at a time

* ADDED: Exposed settings to enable interaction of Album items

* CHANGED: Improved ScrollPane and ScrollBar UI elements

by View all posts by Charles Veasey on January 31, 2013