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SDK Update – Version 2.0.5

We know it has only been a week, but we’re so excited we can’t wait. This release offers offers a vast improvement to our native touch architecture. We’ve been able to double our performance when using native touch as the input source to Open Exhibits. 

We’ve also addressed several issues that have been brought to our attention by the community including fixes for the tap and hold gestures. Thanks for your input and support.  

Release Notes:

  • BUG FIX: gesture start, complete and end reset correctly
  • BUG FIX: tap, double_tap and triple_tap now have arbitrary names in GML
  •  BUG FIX: event time and time between events can now be set in GML for tap gestures
  • Added n-tap, n-double_tap and n-triple_tap functionality. Now only fires when n specified events occure, note: if n=0 batch events are fired
  • Added complete n-hold gesture control
  • Integrated HOLD gesture processing into kinemetric class
  • Improved TUIO implementation for AIR including CML components and elements

The new release can be downloaded here: 

by View all posts by Charles Veasey on June 13, 2012