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Open Exhibits SDK 1.6 Released

Open Exhibits SDK version 1.6 is now available.

OE SDK v1.6 is a minor relase, offering improved stability, an enhanced development structure, better workflow, and less tax on system resources.

The improved installer contains a compiled library, the source code for OE SDK v 1.6, and several example applications. (Thanks to our advisor Christian Moore, who made this important suggestion.)

OE SDK version 1.6 is not a mandatory upgrade, but it is highly reccomended. Earlier versions of the SDK will no longer be supported, nor referenced in the SDK documentation.

More information about the new version can be found in the FAQ, API documentation, and updated User Manual.

To download the new multitouch SDK, please visit the SDK page (or your profile page) and click the “Download SDK” button.

by View all posts by Chad Person on June 29, 2011