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Multitouch Table Comparison Chart

Choosing the right multitouch equipment is a critical factor in planning a successful public exhibit. Size, build quality, multitouch technology, and performance are key factors when evaluating a device that will be used day- after-day in a busy public environment. … Continue reading

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Open Exhibits SDK 1.6 Released

Open Exhibits SDK version 1.6 is now available. OE SDK v1.6 is a minor relase, offering improved stability, an enhanced development structure, better workflow, and less tax on system resources. The improved installer contains a compiled library, the source code … Continue reading

CCV 1.4.1a with multicamera support is released

Community Core Vision (CCV) took a major stride forward this week with the release of CCV 1.4.1a.  CCV is an open source   computer vision based motion/input/event tracker for NUI applications. It arose from the NUI Group forums, co-founded by Open … Continue reading

Welcome to the New Open Exhibits

We listened to feedback from our members and from an incredible Design Summit, so today we’re rolling out some significant changes. I’m happy to introduce the next iteration of our website, and to announce that Open Exhibits SDK (Core) is … Continue reading

Open Exhibits Modules and Templates – for Flash and Kinect (video)

Open Exhibits has just passed 4,000 software downloads! If you’re not a programmer, or you haven’t downloaded the code, yet – we thought we’d give you an idea of what you may be missing. This video demonstrates several of the … Continue reading

How to build an MT-50 multitouch table

The MT-50 multitouch table by Ideum Designed for museums, research labs, and other demanding public environments, the MT-50 Multitouch Table, now discontinued, stood in a class of its own as the most durable and reliable multitouch table available. With 60+ … Continue reading

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Visual Facilitation Images from the OE Design Summit

We were very fortunate to work with cartoonist and visual facilitator Lloyd Dangle during the Open Exhibits Design Summit. Lloyd drafted these incredible 4′ by 8′ drawings of key take-aways and ideas shared throughout each day. You’ve likely seen snippets … Continue reading

Recipe for an Open Exhibit, an illustration by Lloyd Dangle

We were very fortunate to have Lloyd Dangle, an extremely talented graphic artist and visual facilitator, present at the recent Open Exhibits Design Summit in Corrales, NM. Over the course of three days, Lloyd made dozens of beautiful illustrations explaining … Continue reading

Building a Community (Site)

Thursday morning’s session on building web communities featured three speakers who contributed research findings, identified existing resources, and pinpointed areas for improvement when considering how to build an online community. Jennifer Borland (Rockman et al) started the discussion with a … Continue reading

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Social Opportunities Around a Multitouch Table

Nina Simon is founder of Museum 2.0, a consultancy that focuses on creating exhibits that promote social interaction. Nina strives to make exhibits and programs that encourage visitors to contribute to institutions and engage socially with each other. At the … Continue reading


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Matching funds for OpenExhibits are provided by Ideum, makers of custom exhibits, touch tables, video walls and touch walls. Ideum also rents multitouch tables.

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