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Natural user interfaces and communities that work

Six years ago, Christian Moore was playing with Natural User Interfaces (NUI is an Open Source platform) as a hobby. “The NUI is organic, it’s active by instinct in the same way people learn to wave to other people,” said … Continue reading

Designing a multitouch exhibit for 2-6 year-olds with Ian Holtum

Ian Holtum is a Multimedia and Technology Developer for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Mr. Holtum noted that his background is in development and marketing – for kids. He spoke at the 2011 Open Exhibits Summit about designing … Continue reading

“Sensus” – Making Exhibits Social and Sharable

Ralph Das is the Chief Technical Officer of Amsterdam-based Sensus, an innovative company focused on the development and application of multi-touch technologies. He spoke at the 2011 Open Exhibits Summit about the limitations of local networks and Sensus’ plan to … Continue reading

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Jeff Heywood on the "Novelty" and "Honey Pot" effects of multitouch exhibits

Jeff Heywood is the Director of Content at Vancouver Aquarium. Having worked as a director in television, he describes himself as a natural storyteller. Mr. Heywood spoke at the Open Exhibits Summit about a direct study done at the Vancouver … Continue reading

An introduction to the Open Exhibits Design Summit

Jim Spadaccini introducing the Open Exhibits Design Summit in Corrales, NM, March 2011. The Open Exhibits Design Summit has attracted over 30 experts from art museums, zoos, planetariums, ISE, aquariums, research, and technology development. The project partners, advisors, and invited … Continue reading

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