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Visitor Use of Multitouch Tables in the Galleries

One of the questions within our research was whether having a table in the galleries impacts the amount of attention and the amount of time spent on other elements. In each of the galleries we studied, the multitouch table was … Continue reading

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Comparing stay time and social behavior at multitouch interactives

One potential of the multitouch table that we’ve been really interested in exploring is whether the table as a format is more social experience for visitors than the same content if it were shown in a multitouch vertical environment, i.e. … Continue reading

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How familiar are multitouch tables to visitors?

How often do visitors use multitouch tables? While Ideum and others have been producing multitouch tables since 2008-2009, data collection for Open Exhibits research suggests that the tables are still novel to most museum visitors. During interviews from the late … Continue reading

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How critical are workshops in promoting universal design within a museum?

Last year, the Museum of Science in Boston held a week-long set of workshops as part of a project to demonstrate how digital interactive museum exhibit devices can be designed and developed for visitors who have a wide range of … Continue reading

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Beginning the Open Exhibits Research

And these characteristics of new digital technologies and dialogic structure, user direction and organization, and expansive networking of learners and resources resonate with the values and research findings of the informal science learning community. Research on the impact of media … Continue reading

Computer-Based Exhibits in Museums Survey 2010

If you work developing exhibits for a museum, we need your help! We’re collecting data on museums and computer-based exhibit development for 2010. This is the third year in a row we’ve conducted an Open Exhibits survey and we’re hoping … Continue reading


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