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How familiar are multitouch tables to visitors?

How often do visitors use multitouch tables? While Ideum and others have been producing multitouch tables since 2008-2009, data collection for Open Exhibits research suggests that the tables are still novel to most museum visitors. During interviews from the late fall of 2012 in Albuquerque, most visitors had not seen a multitouch table previously.

Percentage seeing their first table:

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center 73.3%

Maxwell Museum of Anthropology 82.8%

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science 81.3%

These rates are similar to other first-use rates at small-to-medium sized museums in small to medium population areas. The team is currently looking for comparative rates for first-time use in major metropolitan areas.

by View all posts by Kate Haley Goldman on June 3, 2013